Women who take our negotiation training change their approach to negotiation and start winning. Our coaches help them break down their own barriers in order to successfully negotiate for what they want and get a lot of love in return.


Jane. V

“I would like to thank Cara, my experience of coaching has been very positive and I was apprehensive on what could be achieved beforehand. Cara has a natural coaching style that resulted in me achieving the changes and overcoming challenges that I needed to without quite realising it! Cara listens well, never judges and will challenge you when needed. I feel equipped to achieve sustainable change, and I am now a lady ready to make my mark in my organisation and achieve my personal mission.”


Ruth. S

“I have had 2 different professional coaches before in my career, Cara is in another league all together. I enlisted Cara to support an important professional transition. I am a Board level executive. She helped me become aware of underlying assumptions for my beliefs, leaving me with a deeper level of mindfulness. I regained some control I felt was lost. I formed a more holistic view of my goals. I made a very difficult decision I had not anticipated to make. Results: I now have a great job that works on all aspects (spouse, kids, house, school etc.)”


Patricia. H

“I will never forget Chiara’s warm and thoughtful approach, as well as the time that she invested in setting me up for success. She did challenge me to get out of my comfort zone and shone a light on all the potential that I have within me, if I could clone her, I would!”
Senior Manager, Technology company, Dublin


Ashley. M

"Sometimes in life, you may have the good fortune of crossing paths with somebody that will make a profound impact on your life. Enter Janine. From the offset, I loved her approach – she looks to the underlying truth, cuts out the bullshit, deals with the facts and pushes and probes to help you realise your true potential. I love her professional but very personal approach to coaching. Each session helped to unlock a new insight and ultimately shaped the next phase of my career. She is simply brilliant, and I am forever grateful for her commitment, invaluable perspective and transformational mentorship."
Global Head of Culture & Partnerships, Global drinks brand