She Wins has launched to teach women and businesses how to negotiate employment packages with each other. Its aim is to reduce the gender pay gap and increase the number of women being promoted to senior roles.

Kate Pjaskovova, co-founder of She Wins, realised she had made some basic mistakes while negotiating with her previous co-founder during the set-up and leaving her last company. Kate since discovered that she wasn’t alone in never having learnt to negotiate on her own behalf because essentially women are taught that ‘nice girls don’t ask’.

“I spoke to 50 women and conducted a survey of 600 women to hear about their negotiation experiences negotiating. Men are eight times more likely to negotiate their starting salary than women are and I was shocked to discover the massive effect this has on individual women’s earnings and on the collective gender pay gap.

We know that if a woman negotiates every time she starts a new role she can increase her salary by 10-15% each time and earn over £600,000 during her working lifetime.”

The equal pay act in 1970 made it illegal for companies to pay men and women of equal experience differently for the same work, but it still happens all the time. If men negotiate and women don’t then the inequality in pay can go out of control if unchecked.”

We offer an online course for women who are on the verge of applying for or negotiating a new job can benefit from expert negotiation advice as well as learning practical negotiation skills.

She Wins knows it takes two to tango. Often women fail to negotiate successfully or even choose not to negotiate because of the processes and biases inherent at the company they have an offer from. In order to change the situation at scale, both women and companies need to change their approach to negotiation.

78% of companies have a gender pay gap that favours men and only 1 in 3 have gender parity in their top jobs. Negotiation processes, policies and unconscious biases are working together to hold women back. She Wins has recognised this and designed two special training packages to help businesses reduce their gender pay gap and increase the number of women promoted to senior roles. They focus on assessing a company's processes and biases specifically when it comes to negotiating with women and helps to design them fairly.

Co-founder Clare Sutcliffe MBE said "Often businesses think that just by offering a role to a woman they are helping the situation but what they don't realise is that by negotiating unfairly with women they could be making the situation worse". By training HR specialists and managers the company hopes to change the way businesses approach employment negotiations.

Negotiation doesn't need to be a win lose situation. When done well it should be win/win.

Our mantra is: when she wins, you win.

Clare Sutcliffe