Our purpose


She Wins is a business with a mission at its heart. Our founders met and bonded over a wish to close the gender pay gap for future generations. We know that doing so will help everyone in society and want to create a fairer society for all.


Our Purpose
We exist because women of all ethnicities and backgrounds are paid less than their fair value.

Our Vision
Our vision is that people, no matter their gender, ethnicity or background are paid fairly

Our Mission
It's our mission to empower 1,000,000 women to negotiate their value in the next 5 years.




Here’s some sad facts that spurred us to action when we started She Wins. Its our goal to help businesses change these facts forever.
Source for all: Government UK Gender Pay Gap Summary document


78% of UK companies has a gender pay gap that favours men.


2 in 3 UK firms have a majority of men in the top jobs.


For every £1 of bonus money paid to men working in finance, their female colleagues will take home just 65p.


Our Founders

We met in early 2019 when Kate was interviewing women about their experiences negotiating. Clare described in gory detail her salary negotiations. We realised that empowering women to negotiate was really important to both of us and decided we would work together on a company to empower women to negotiate for their true value. It’s not the fault of women that they are paid less than men, this is why we have designed a range of corporate training courses and services for businesses too.

It’s our intention to build a range of products that help women at all stages of their career and earning potential. In the not too distant future we intend to build a community of women to support each other. The community will also become a base for activism as we work to ensure the gender pay gap isn’t just news once a year.


Meet Kate: Before starting She Wins with Clare, Kate worked in tech for about 11 years. While still in University she became head of HR at a tech company that she grew from 6 to over 150 people during her tenure. After understanding how to build great teams, she moved to Berlin and then San Francisco where she fell in love with customer and product development. After moving to London she went on to found the mental health start up 87 Percent where she was Head of Product until leaving to start She Wins. Kate is on LinkedIn and Twitter

Meet Clare: Clare started her professional career in advertising before taking a sharp right turn into web design. Whilst working as a UX designer she co-founded Code Club, a network of over 14,000+ free after-school Code Clubs for children to teach them the basics of coding and inspire them to build their ideas with code. Clare led Code Club in a merger with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and left a year ago to start looking for the next big problem she wanted to help solve - and then in walked Kate. She loves to solve social problems with tech and is Chair of Trustees at Beam. Clare is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.