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Introducing Cara

Cara has been empowering and coaching women for the last 9 years. She joined She Wins because she deeply cares about supporting women as they progress their careers. Her coaching style is professional, results-focused and warm. She creates a calm, reflective space to help you think through opportunities and challenges.

We choose to work with Cara, because her unique strength lies in uncovering limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, and addressing any insecurities and self-doubt. She will help you find your own way when it comes to negotiating your job package. As a result you will feel confident, calm and will you communicate with influence while you negotiate what you deserve.

Prior to becoming a Coach, Cara went to Cambridge University and had a professional services career as a Chartered Surveyor, a very male-dominated industry. She has three sons and a Springer Spaniel who keeps her fit!

Superpower: Cara is amazing at empowering women that may doubt their accomplishments, have struggled with imposter syndrome or lack of confidence.

Industry Specialisms: Big corporates, High tech companies, Financial institutions, Education

ICF PCC certified Coach
Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Advanced Coaching Certificate
RSA certificate in Counselling skills
MA from Cambridge University (Newnham College)

Client Testimonials:

“I have had 2 different professional coaches before in my career, Cara is in another league all together. I enlisted Cara to support an important professional transition. I am a Board level executive. She helped me become aware of underlying assumptions for my beliefs, leaving me with a deeper level of mindfulness. I regained some control I felt was lost. I formed a more holistic view of my goals. I made a very difficult decision I had not anticipated to make. Results: I now have a great job that works on all aspects (spouse, kids, house, school etc.)” J.D London

“Our exchanges were mostly Cara asking simple but essential questions and listening deeply. Less frequently and at well selected times, she provided a recommendation. It’s very refreshing to find a coach who actually teaches you how to fish, but has the courage to give her opinion at times. Her suggestions were always spot on, Cara gets how big corporations work.” C.S London

“I would like to thank Cara, my experience of coaching has been very positive and I was apprehensive on what could be achieved beforehand. Cara has a natural coaching style that resulted in me achieving the changes and overcoming challenges that I needed to without quite realising it! Cara listens well, never judges and will challenge you when needed. I feel equipped to achieve sustainable change, and I am now a lady ready to make my mark in my organisation and achieve my personal mission.” F.A Surrey

What’s included in your New Job Negotiation course:

  • 30 min introduction session with Cara

  • Online course full of expert advice and exercises to help you prepare for your negotiation

  • 2 hours of 1-on-1 negotiation coaching with Cara to empower you to negotiate authentically

  • Forever access to the community of badass women who negotiate like you

  • Forever exclusive content about negotiation, invites to our events and many more coming

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