negotiation strategies for women in business

Men negotiate almost twice as often as women do both in their personal and professional lives. This has a huge effect on how their careers progress but it also mean they could be negotiating more on behalf of your company for example with suppliers and partners.

Here at She Wins we understand how to teach women to negotiate authentically and with confidence. The key is in the preparation and details. We’ll impart all our knowledge to the women in your business so they can

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As a result of this program, the women in your team will negotiate confidently and authentically on behalf of your company and themselves.

Training day outcomes:

  • Learn about how unconscious bias works

  • Explore how unconscious bias effects the way we negotiate with women when deciding who to promote

  • Identify yours and your team's unconscious biases, in a safe environment

  • Assess your promotion process and how you negotiate with women during it

  • Actionable Ideas and areas where you can improve

  • Create an action plan that you as a team will commit to

What will you get:

  • 1-day training for you and your team with a top notch trainer

  • Training materials to keep for each attendee

  • 10-week follow up program delivered via email that will encourage your team to continue learning and discussing the topic and let you focus on your action plan

Who's it for: Senior Leaders, HR teams, Hiring managers 12-15 people

Price: Please enquire for prices

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