Make your hiring negotiations fair for women

One of the obvious reasons for the Gender Pay Gap is that women are paid less than men for same jobs, which we all know is unfair and in some cases illegal. But did you know that this unfairness in pay begins even before the woman has entered the company? It starts during salary negotiation.

You already know having happy, fairly paid and valued women working for your company has significant benefits:

  • Companies with strong female leadership make more money, 36.4% more return on equity to be precise.

  • Companies with more women retain more employees, turnover rate is 22% lower for companies with diverse teams and turnover = expensive.

Can you afford to be negotiating unfairly with women during your hiring process when the effects on your company are substantial and wide-reaching?

If your company is posting jobs without salary bands, asking women how much they earned in their previous roles, interrogating them about their salary expectations before you tell them yours and letting only one person decide about a new hire's compensation, then your company is likely accidentally creating an unfair situation for women to enter a negotiation that will result in unequal pay.

These are just some of the ways that your processes combined with the unconscious biases of your team members can contribute to creating unfair decisions when it comes to negotiating with women leading to unfair pay and the resulting pay gap.

To help you remedy this situation, She Wins has designed a unique training course that addresses the issues your company is facing and identifies solutions. Together with our specially selected trainers we will help you identify the parts of your hiring process where your company is negotiating with women, paying particular attention to those areas that can be affected by individual team member bias. Then we will work together on designing and applying improvements that when combined together will have a substantial effect.

Overtime you will notice a measurable reduction in your Gender Pay Gap which is a crucial measure and one we're sure you're most keen to address. Additionally you'll soon notice a difference in the satisfaction of the women you are negotiating with, who will report on your process being fair and transparent. As a result you'll notice more high quality women are attracted to roles at your company as you gain a reputation for being a fair place for everyone to work regardless of their gender, ethnicity or background.

As a result of this program, you will hire, pay fairly and keep more amazing women in all levels of seniority.

Training day outcomes:

  • Learn about how unconscious bias works

  • Explore how unconscious bias effects the way we negotiate with women when hiring them

  • Identify yours and your team's unconscious biases, in a safe environment

  • Assess your hiring process and how you negotiate with women during it

  • Actionable ideas and areas where you can improve

  • Create an action plan that you as a team will commit to

What will you get:

  • 1-day training for you and your team with a top notch trainer

  • Training materials to keep for each attendee

  • 10-week follow up program delivered via email that will encourage your team to continue learning and discussing the topic and let you focus on your action plan

Who's it for: Senior Leaders, HR teams, Hiring managers 12-15 people

Price: Please enquire for prices

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