to win.

We empower women to negotiate
and educate businesses to do better.



Women of all ethnicities and backgrounds are paid less than men for doing the same work.
That’s not ok so we’re doing something about it. Read Our Story and the Not Fun Facts.


Empowering Women

We believe that when women are empowered to negotiate authentically and confidently they can earn a salary at least equal to their male peers. We’ve designed an online course to teach women how to do just that.


Educating Businesses

At the same time, businesses must change the way they negotiate with women in order to eliminate their pay gap and promote women to the senior roles they deserve. She Wins has designed four unique training courses to address this.



Negotiation courses for women

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Online Course:

New Job Negotiation

Online negotiation course £145

Learn all the negotiation skills you need to confidently negotiate for the salary increase and benefits you truly deserve. Six hours of expert advice, exercises, strategy design template and practice methods to ensure you’re fully prepared for your negotiation.


corporate training


Reduce your pay gap, promote and empower more women in your business.

She Wins has designed corporate training packages to help reduce your gender pay gap and keep the best female talent that your business can not afford to lose.